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By definition, a business is a group of like-minded individuals striving daily to meet the same goals.  The success of a business demands that each individual possess the intellect and skills needed to achieve those goals.  In addition to having a strong work base to choose from in Union County, many residents from Henderson and Webster counties, as well as Southern Illinois, make up the county’s workforce.  Residents from surrounding counties can comfortably reach their working destination in Union County within an hour’s drive.  In Union County’s labor market area, its civilian labor force consists of nearly 150,000 people.  No matter the skill level your company needs, you can find it in Union County’s large and diverse labor pool.

KY Fame

KY FAME works closely with educational institutions to establish and endorse programs and curricula that develop the necessary skill-sets for students to be prepared in Kentucky’s manufacturing job market.  KY FAME collaborates with Kentucky manufacturers, educators, and the public sector to:

+ Increase the skills levels of employees in the manufacturing industry;

+ Improve the image of the manufacturing industry;

+ Promote manufacturing-related career pathway opportunities;

+ Implement the industrial maintenance technician development program known as the Advanced Manufacturing Technician Program (AMT);

+ Support the creation of additional skills training programs in the model of AMT to increase the skills levels of manufacturing employees.

Work Ready Community

The Kentucky Work Ready Community certification program from the Kentucky Workforce Innovation Board (KWIB) and the Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet is a measure of a county’s quality workforce and assures employers that the local workforce has the talent and skills necessary to staff existing jobs and to master the innovative technologies new jobs will require.

To become certified, communities must gather local support and commitment and apply for the Kentucky Work Ready Communities designation.  Counties have to meet criteria in six areas including high school graduation rate, National Career Readiness Certificate holders, demonstrate community commitment, education attainment, soft-skills development, and digital literacy.

Union County was certified as a Kentucky Work Ready Community in 2015 and continues to prove that we are a community committed to making strides and working with our business, education, workforce, and economic development leaders to set and meet common goals that will give the county an economic edge.