White Buck Winery

1800 US 60 West Morganfield KY 42437


A passion for fine, quality wine and a family history richy steeped in farming, lead to the opening of White Buck Vineyards & Winery. Open since 2010, the Winery now produces 11 varieeties of win and is open Wednesday through Saturday, 11a.m. till 5 p.m. The vineyard has six acres of top quality grapes. 

The winery has its roots firmly in Union County and the flavor speaks of the rich traditions of rural Kentucky farmland. From our very first planting, we were aided by "Buck" White, lifetime farmer and proud grandfather who even now has continued to have an interest and helps us bottle wines. 

Our symbol, the deer, is a strong mascot and this area is teeming with this majestic wildlife. The winery even has a deer crossing sign out front—if you come by for a visit be sure to keep your eyes open, you might see one wander by.


Email:  whitebuckwines@att.net

P. O. Box 374
100 West Main St
Morganfield, KY 42437

(Office) 270.389.9600

Dir of Community Development
Lindsay Jenkins

Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant

Director of Tourism
Paul Monsour

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