Union County First is dedicated to enhancing education, infrastructure and industry in Union County.

Union County First works closely with the local business community, local schools, Henderson Community College, GRADD and Kyndle to ensure that the county’s workforce is ready and equipped to face tomorrow’s challenges, as well as to make Union County, Kentucky a more desirable place for people to expand, relocate or start a new business.

Union County First understands that the best way to develop a community is from within. UCF is involved in many clubs and civic organizations, and works hard to promote and support local business owners, and strives to provide opportunities for anyone who may be interested in entrepreneurship.

Among the many projects that Union County First is involved in are:

Spearheads Union County’s Work Ready Community initiative that will give Union County an economic advantage and help to improve the county’s overall workforce. With this initiative Union County First works closely with the local high school, Herron Center, local community colleges and businesses to help increase the county’s educational attainment rate, high-school graduation rate, NCRC rate, soft skills development and digital literacy rate.

Engages with various clubs, organizations and civic groups such as the Morganfield and Sturgis Chamber of Commerce, Sturgis Kiwanis Club, Morganfield Lions Club and Uniontown, Waverly, Sturgis and Morganfield city councils.

Works closely with the Union County Public School System. Recently, the Union County Industrial Education (UCIEA) was been formed to help bridge the gap betwen education and industry.

Works with Workforce Solutions and the Northwest Kentucky Training Consortium to ensure that business and industry training needs are being met

Works alongside of Kyndle to bring and attract new business and industry into Union County, KY


Union County First also oversees a year-long leadership program. (Another link on the site will provide you with additional information.) If you're interested in applying, please call Garrick Thompson, (270) 997-0846. 

The program begins in January and lasts through November.

Above: The 2016 UC Leadership Class attending West Kentucky Thank You Night in Frankfort. 

Union County First works alongside of Kyndle to help new businesses get started.

Above is the announcment for, The Wood Mill LLC on February 26, 2016.

The Wood Mill LLC will be investing 1.1 million and bringing 30 new jobs to Sturgis, Ky. 

P. O. Box 374
100 West Main St
Morganfield, KY 42437

(Office) 270.389.9600

Dir of Community Development
Lindsay Jenkins

Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant

Director of Tourism
Paul Monsour

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