Interested in Starting a Business in Union County?

Union County is home to many companies, organizations, and industries. These include automotive parts supplies, country hams, an aluminum whelchair ramp manufacturer, one of the country's leading steel products manufacturing companies and several others. To view maps of Union County click here.

Union County First works to promote tourism throughout the county, helps existing and potential businesses to better serve the community, and works to support and enhance the economic development efforts of the Fiscal Court.

Click here to view "Starting a Business" in pdf format.

Union County First can assist anyone interested in locating a new business in the county.

If you are looking to start a business in Union County, Ky please call 389-9600,

or e-mail director Garrick Thompson,

P. O. Box 374
100 West Main St
Morganfield, KY 42437

(Office) 270.389.9600

Dir of Community Development
Lindsay Jenkins

Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant

Director of Tourism
Paul Monsour

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