Union County Quilt Trail

The Union County Quilt Trial Project was established to promote history, cultural arts, education, beautification and tourism in Union County, Kentucky.

If you are a property owner in  Union County and would like to commission a quilt for your property, or for more information, please call the Union County Extension office at 270-389-1400

This year's Union County Quilt Show will be held at the Camp Breckinridge Museum on March 24th-26th. For more information, visit the Camp Breck web-site, or call Vicky Rickets @ (270) 389-4420






P. O. Box 374
100 West Main St
Morganfield, KY 42437

(Office) 270.389.9600

Dir of Community Development
Lindsay Jenkins

Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant

Director of Tourism
Paul Monsour

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