In the early days, Waverly was known as the “Crossroads” where Henderson-Beaver Dam Road crossed the Madisonville Road. Perhaps the first settlers were John and Arthur Donnelly and their mother and the crossroads became known as Donnelly’s Store, and later was knows as Paynesville for Jack Payne.

The land surrounding the crossroads went on the sale block in 1869-1870. It was put on the market and sold by land agent Hugh McElroy. The area was renamed Waverly, evidently after McElroy’s nephew, Waverly Greathouse of New Orleans. A post office was established in 1902. A mining company was organized in 1904 and a coal mine operated until 1929.

Waverly Mayor: David Wolfe

City of Waverly Phone # (270) 389-4270 (mayor's house)


P. O. Box 374
100 West Main St
Morganfield, KY 42437

(Office) 270.389.9600

Dir of Community Development
Lindsay Jenkins

Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant

Director of Tourism
Paul Monsour

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